Neuer Anfänger Guide (Englisch) - mitmachen erwünscht

Das Hängemattenforum bekommt einen neuen Betreiber. Details sind in diesem Thread.
  • Hier Änfänger Guide im Google-Docs Format.


    Hi everyone,
    My friend and I are writing up a guide for beginner hammockers that we plan to post on our blog. We've been using hammockforums and various resources we gathered on google to help us put together a comprehensive guide for people getting into hammocks.
    I'd like to get some constructive criticism from experienced hammockers in this group. It'd be great if you'll give it a read and provide your insights - if there's any misinformation, information you'd like to see, and just general thoughts on what we've put together.
    [SIZE=14px]I think the best way would be to work on it from a google doc. This way you can directly comment on specific sentences.[/SIZE]…pSIVlPk/edit?pref=2&pli=1

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